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Have a whale of a time at Fort Kinnaird

Thursday 25th July


Leith Collective Uniform Exchange

The Leith Collective have launched their free school uniform exchange! The store, located between Trespass and WHSmith, is inviting visitors to donate good quality pre-loved school uniform items in exchange for something they need. Everything from polo shirts and jumpers to school bags and shoes are accepted and available for collection to help get little ones […]


Fort Kinnaird launches free book club

In partnership with Musselburgh library


Fort Kinnaird hosts local charity for festive film screening

Partnered with local charity Magdalene Community Education Centre


Free Community Book Swap for Kids

Fort Kinnaird has launched its first ever 'Little Library' book swap so children can share and exchange books for free as they get ready to go back to school.


Local Charities Receive Funding Boost From Fort Kinnaird

Fort Kinnaird has donated £5,000 to three local charities


International Women’s Day 2023

Celebrating some of the many women who work at Fort Kinnaird


6 ways you can recycle at Fort Kinnaird

From clothes and shoes to pet food and beauty packaging


Happiness and wellness reading list for children

We’ve partnered with the National Literacy Trust to create a list of ten books for children aged 5-11 that explore a range of themes including empathy, grief, anxiety, bravery and resilience, to help children better understand and cope with their emotions