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Opportunities at Fort Kinnaird

Fort Kinnaird is located in a densely populated area and, because of this, we strongly believe in being neighbourly. This is why we offer out our meeting facilities to the local Residence Association, and assist on any meetings that require Fort Kinnaird’s input.

Over the past several years, Fort Kinnaird has worked with our neighbour, the Craigmillar Arts Centre. As well as making last year’s fantastic Christmas decorations, the Arts Centre also worked on a programme that involved local children producing their own films, for which they teamed up with The Odeon here at Fort Kinnaird. The cinema granted them exclusive screening access, which was some of the children’s first cinematic experience.

Fort Kinnaird also teamed up with a local high school to set up workshops on how young people can get into retail as a career. This is important to us as we are always on the look-out for talented new additions to the team.

In alliance with Royal Bank of Scotland, we also sponsor one of the categories in the annual Tom Buchanan Business Awards. The Young Entrepreneur Award recognises a new micro business where the winner is awarded £1000 to put towards their aspiring business.

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