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Do you have any social media guidelines?


We want your Fort Kinnaird experience online to be as great as your experience when you visit us. We’d love for you to get involved with our X, Facebook and Instagram pages but we also need to make sure these are safe, friendly and respectful places so we have a few guidelines to make sure this happens:

1. No hate speech or bullying: we want to make sure everyone feels safe and bullying of any kind isn’t allowed. Any user posting abusive, offensive, racist, discriminatory, sexually explicit or indecent, or other comments that could cause harm towards others, will have their posts removed from our channels. If further posts are made, users will be banned and blocked from our channels.

2. Be kind and courteous. We want to create a welcoming environment on our social media platforms so let’s treat everyone with respect. Any posts that contain threatening, swearing, intimidating or violent language or an incitement to violence or disturbance will be removed. Your profile may also be shared with centre security and/or law enforcement.

3. No promotions or spam. Any unauthorised promotions for third party products or services or infringement of third-party intellectual property, privacy, and/or publicity rights aren’t allowed and will be removed from the Page.

4. Speak the truth: We want to hear about your honest experience at Fort Kinnaird but please avoid any false, fraudulent or misleading claims that may damage the reputation of the centre and/or the people who work here.

Our social channels encourage our community of shoppers and visitors at Fort Kinnaird to openly discuss experiences in, or directly surrounding, the centre but it should be noted that unless the post has come from our official account, posts and comments do not represent the views of Fort Kinnaird.

Our social media channels are monitored daily during regular working hours (9.00am -5.30pm) and we will respond to any direct messages as soon as possible. Out of hours and weekend monitoring covers critical and emergency situations but we will always respond as soon as possible to any enquiries.

If you do have any questions relating to Fort Kinnaird, further information can be found on our FAQs page.