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We are so excited to launch our newest plant-based partner to the menu, the ‘no duck’ donburi. An in-restaurant exclusive, this new rice bowl is a vegan hero. Our unique mix of a bibimbap and a donburi (which means mixed rice) tastes best when all ingredients are mixed together! Sticky cherry shredded seitan and mushrooms served with our brand-new vegan kimchee. This is a donburi like never before, served with fresh cucumber, edamame beans and a vegan hoisin sauce, this is not one to miss

No duck donburi bowl from wagamama

Get up close + personal with your new favourite plant-based partner, the vegan chilli squid. Lightly battered king oyster mushrooms with a sticky dipping sauce. This is one you won’t want to miss-see you on the bench!

vegan chilli squid and vegan ribs from wagamama.

Getting your fingers on Wagamama’s vegan sticky ribs just got a whole lot easier. If you haven’t tried them yet - believe the hype. - celebrate the weekend with this sticky new side.



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