TYPO | Insta-worthy Dot Journalling

The first half of 2020 was officially cancelled, let’s get organised and try again! Dot Journaling is our fav way to stay mindful and organised at the same time. With heaps of accessories and ideas to get you creating, the options are endless. Plant trackers, movie reviews, calendar updates, budgeting goals. You name it, we can help you dot journal it.

Sketch It

Are you a painter kinda person or a doodler kind of person? Do you like watercolours or acrylic paints? Whatever your vibe is, pens, pencils, markers, paints, Typo has all the arts and crafts you need to help you bring out your inner artist.

Small Space, Big Vibe

Decking out your space? Maybe you’re moving into your first dorm? No one ever wanted to live in a boring room, make your space Insta worthy. Typo has all everything you could possibly ever want to bring your space to life!


For the full commute convenience, whether you’re returning back to the office, working or studying. Whatever, it is you’re doing. Typo has all the accessories to pro-tech your tech and get your from point A to point (even if that is from the living room to the kitchen).

Customasation Station

Let’s get personal! Typo has all the elevated stickers, keyrings & badges for you to add a little personality on your fave metal drinkers, note books, laptop cases or book totes.

5 Minute Gifting

We have all been there – having to rush around and buy gifts last-minute for a mate, best mate, flatmate, desk mate, old mate, soul mate. Typo has got a gift to make your mate smile and the card and wrap to give that personal touch.

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