Fridays Invisible Chips Supporting Hospitality

Fridays, have added invisible chips to their menu to support Hospitality Action with their Invisible Chips campaign.

Hospitality Action's new fundraising campaign is asking the public to achieve something rather wonderful – by buying a portion of nothing. Purchase a portion of Invisible Chips, and you’ll be helping support people working in hospitality whose livelihoods are disappearing.

Why chips?

Everyone loves chips – admit it, you love chips. Invisible Chips are 0% fat and 100% charity; they’re simple to prepare; they don’t take up freezer space ... and they’ll never go past their sell-by date.

So please: chip in, buy a portion of Invisible Chips, and help Hospitality Action support hospitality families in financial crisis. 

Donate on the Hospitality Action website and find out more about their charity work.

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