Beastly bakes for Halloween with M&S

Apples & Scares...

Dare to take a bite of this Halloween delight? Our delicious Red Flesh Kissabel British Apples are in store now and ready to reveal their true colours. Not only do these naturally rouged apples have the most intense zingy sweet flavour just as they are, they also make Spooktacular toffee apples too!

Kissabel British Apples, £2.50 (pack of 4)  

Beastly Bakes for Halloween

In our M&S Food in store bakeries you can now find freshly baked, ghouilishly good sweet treats! We’ve given our famous Yumnuts a Halloween makeover (hello, Yummy Mummy Yumnuts!), our Sticky Toffee Cookies are an eye-popping must-have and our Pumpkin Shaped Bloomer is the perfect spooky start to the day, and delicious dunked in pumpkin soup! 

Yummy Mummy Yumnuts £1.35 each, 

These light and fluffy Yumnuts are enrobed in white fondant bandages with two spooky eyes!  

Pumpkin Shaped Bloomer £2.00 

This epic bloomer is made with British flour and finished with a malted semolina topping for a delicious flavour and crunchy texture.  

Sticky Toffee Cookie 75p each 

Deliciously rich, made with dark chocolate, toffee pieces and caramel pieces, topped with googly eyes. Perfect on the go, at your desk or in front of a Halloween movie! 

Top Of The Chocs...

It’s National Chocolate Week (as if we needed any excuses to tuck in this year!) and we have the perfect selection to celebrate with, for all dietary requirements. Here are our top picks: 

Vegan Salted Caramel Truffles, £5 

Dark chocolate shells filled with soya-based pink Himalayan salted caramel and dusted with cocoa. Rich, gooey and oh-so-delicious. 

Made Without Dairy Selection Box, £5 

A unique collection of milk alternative and dark chocolates. Made with fruit caramel and crispy pieces, it’s hard to believe they’re made without dairy! 

And it couldn’t be a Top of the Chocs without our brand new… 

Choc Corn Slabs, £4 each 

These best-of-both-worlds caramelised and salty popcorn slabs are topped with a thick layer of creamy milk or white chocolate. The perfect addition to any cosy movie night…and the perfect National Chocolate Week treat!  


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